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Overview and Differentiation of Practices

Massage is hands on bare skin, manipulating muscles and connective tissue to relieve tension, aid in the healing process, and to promote relaxation and well-being.

Intuitive sessions partner you with a rigorously trained intuitive in a spoken session to facilitate healing, insight, empowerment, and peace of mind according to your requests.

Therapeutic Massage

Deep Tissue massage reaches deep layers of muscle and connective tissue for more complete pain relief.  It is recommended for consistent pain, heavy physical activity, or if you have sustained a physical injury.

Myofascial Release slowly, gently stretches and separates tight, entangled fascia – the connective tissue surrounding muscles, bones and organs in one continuous web.  It promotes the restoration to range of motion and in relieving chronic pain.

Raindrop Technique combines Swedish Relaxation Massage (see below) with the use of essential oils applied to the spine and feet to relieve muscle tension and restore electrochemical alignment.

Sports massage is more active work targeting specific muscles based on the type of athletic activity being pursued.  It may be combined with any related specific discomfort present.  The practice can include passive stretch and tense-relax methods.

Relaxation Massage

Swedish massage, also known as Classic Massage, uses primarily gliding and kneading strokes to relieve muscle soreness and joint stiffness, and to promote relaxation.

Hot Stone massage uses smooth, heated stones to apply pressure and heat to the body.  The stones help to retain heat as they are placed along the back, releasing muscle tension.

Transformational Bodywork

Transformational Bodywork intuitively supports healing from within.  With your active partnership, unique access to emotional holding patterns can occur through release of muscle tension and clearing of energy blockages.

All of our bodywork operates outside of the realm of just hands-on massage.  Our practitioners are highly trained not only in classic massage techniques but also in the intuitive listening for your body’s needs.


Reflexology is a Chinese technique that uses pressure point massage on the hands and feet to stimulate reflexes that relate to corresponding organs and parts of the body.

Sometimes referred to as Zone Therapy, the practitioner applies pressure to specific zones on the hands and feet to cause shifts in the Qi.  Perfect for times when a full-body massage is not possible or needed.

Energy Work

Energy Work supports and strengthens your body’s natural ability to heal.  Using energy, hands are placed on or above the body to help restore good flow.

Reiki uses palm healing or hands-on healing to transfer universal energy in the form of Qi, which allows for self-healing and a state of equilibrium.

Spiritual Guidance and Life Guidance

Spiritual Guidance helps you to move beyond restrictions, develop personally and spiritually, and to attain clarity and resolution regarding issues that you bring to the session.  Spiritual Guidance promotes inner peace and active stillness.

Angel sessions involve a communicator that is connected with the angelic realm (space of pure positive energy) for information that the client is requesting.  This request may be conscious or unconscious.  Boundaries are always respected.  Clarity, empowerment, peace and lightness may be experienced.

A Session with Angela offers a combination of intuitive and angelic communication skills to provide access to spiritual clarity and insights of your soul and/or soul’s purpose.  Commitments to the light and the concept of Oneness sets the foundation of these sessions to encourage healing, freedom, and expression of the soul’s light.

Tandem Modalities

You can request a tandem session for either massage or energy work.  A tandem session has two practitioners working with one client at the same time.  The therapeutic effects of the massage or energy work are increased when two practitioners are present.

Ionic Footbath

Detoxification can occur through many different means; the use of ionization in water is one such methodology.  The process can draw toxins and impurities from the feet into the water.  Changes in water color relates visually to accumulated toxins from the body being released.