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Our Practices

Our practices include therapeutic bodywork and various disciplines of intuitive support sessions from our location in Madison.

Sessions may combine multiple modalities for the optimal experience and results.

With your active partnership, unique access to emotional holding patterns can occur through release of muscle tension and clearing of energy blockages.

You can book special offerings immediately wherever you see a “Book Now” button.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision (the big picture):  We envision a world where all beings experience and express the fullness and freedom of unconditional love which transforms conflict and suffering to unity and light.

Our Mission (how we attain the big picture):  Healing…Inspirations is a wellness center committed to sharing the healing power of unconditional love through sessions, classes and meditations in which this commitment is realized in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Providing honoring bodywork and spoken sessions.

Healing... Inspirations Wellness Center  ·  330 South Whitney Way  ·  Suite 200  ·  Madison, Wisconsin  ·  53705  ·  608-238-7468
(Formerly located at 6225 University Avenue in Madison)

Hours of Operation:   9AM - 9PM Monday through Friday  ·  9AM - 6PM Saturday & Sunday